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Different Skies publication is looking for essays, criticism, creative non-fiction, free prose and poetry for its fourth issue, on lost generations. 

Download the call for submissions here -


Deadline 20th April

Submissions to editors@differentskies.net

10,000 maximum word count

'.docx' preferred format 

Below is an extract from the PDF linked above, which also includes an amazing collection of quotes from the likes of Mina Loy, Langston Hughes, Jean Genet and Keston Sutherland.

"To talk about generations already implies a level of historical and collective consciousness. It means crystallising an image of the past, which might be rose-tinted, fogged up in greyscale, or crudely drawn in black and white, but still manages to inspire some kind of action in the present, or at least a survival instinct. It means thinking beyond atomised individuals stuck in an eternal present.

But the idea of a generation - X, Y or Z - can’t help glossing over internal schisms and inequalities, whether to do with class, race or gender. Thinking in terms of generations does nothing to undermine the postmodern reduction of history to a series of styles available for consumption (the 60s, the 70s, the 80s), each one following quicker and quicker on the heels of the last."

We're happy to receive proposals and queries. 

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