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Continuing on from a recent discussion about resources, etc., I stumbled across what looks to be a very promising bibliographic resource on the MHRA web site. That's right, the Modern Humanities Research Association, the one that publishes the MHRS Style Guide. Just go to the MHRA website and search for the MHRA Critical Text Series. They have 39 volumes available, mostly about French poets/playwrights/philosophers, but it's worth a look. Here's one of the titles: 

A Sixteenth-Century Arthurian Romance:
L’Hystoire de Giglan filz de messire Gauvain qui fut roy de Galles.
Et de Geoffroi de Maience son compaignon
Edited by Caroline A. Jewers

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Thanks Monalesia, some great new editions there for people looking at little-known work that's out of print and out of copyright. 


You're welcome. I hope that someone out there finds it useful. 


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