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I am currently working on a chapter about meteorology and disease in nineteenth-century Britain, and I am wondering if there is anyone else who is interested in or working on the history of weather and meteorology. This can include anything from literary and visual representations of the weather to the development of meteorology as a science. I am hoping that if there is enough interest in this topic I can organize a group where we can exchange our ideas, and perhaps even have a symposium or conference.

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Not really my field, but if you're not familiar you should check out James Fleming's work: http://www.colby.edu/profile/jfleming/




Hello Brian,

I apologize for taking so long to respond. Thank you for the reference and link. If you know of anyone else who may be working on weather and meteorology, please direct them this way. I am hoping that if enough people show interest in this topic, I can organize a symposium where they would be able to present their work. Thanks again for your reply.




Hi Amanda, just joined this and seen your post.

As it happens I just spotted earlier today that Alexandra Harris (university of Liverpool)  - who wrote Romantic Moderns - is now working on something to do with weather...   have a google.

Thanks for the message. I have been in touch with Alexandra Harris about her project. I also noticed that there will be a panel on Victorians and the Weather at the 2012 NAVSA Conference.

Hi Amanda,

I heard your paper on cholera and the weather at NAVSA recommended and had a google: I realise this post is a few years old but am really interested to find you're working on meteorology and disease!  My phd was about weather, meteorology and the Victorian novel and I'm currently re-visiting some of my ideas, so if you're still thinking about these areas, I certainly be interested in discussion.



Hello Jo,

Thank you for your response. I apologize for my late reply. Yes, I would love to discuss weather and meteorology in the Victorian period with you. I will send you a private message on Dandelion to send you my contact details.




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