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Does anyone have any experience of the different arts/humanities way of operating across the US and the UK? Beyond the fact that US include the additional two years at the beginning of taught programmes, has anyone witnessed first hand things like i) teaching methods, ii) length/breadth of theses, iii) funding & post-doctoral awards? 

I ask because I am interested to find out about any kind of exchange programme whereby British/American graduate students could swap and learn about the alternative institution, as part of their early career experience. I know there are schemes for faculty members like this with European universities, but wondered about this. 

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Cathryn, I have - since I did my thesis in US (which they call dissertation). But we should chat as it wd take rather long to write all down. I don't know about any exchanges, though; 't would be a pity if there weren't any, but I rather fear that that would be the case - particularly for humanities/english

Fulbright Researcher program is the one to apply to if a UK applicant wants to conduct research at the US university from 4 to 9 months (length of stay varies depending on the proposed project)


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