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Using the network

When you post an event, you can link a lot of information, pictures and documents. This is really useful if you are organising a reading group: just click ‘Add a Document’ to upload the reading material as a link. Use this function for any kind of event, including CFPs, lectures, informal and formal discussions. Remember to state who the event is for, a point of contact, and as much venue info as you can. Including keywords like ‘Shakespeare’ or ‘cultural history’ in Event Type will make your event come up under searches more easily.

Using the Group function on the network is great if you want to continue discussions between meetings, have a place to upload materials (via Events) and message all members without using email. The Group function is also a good way of finding other people who may like to attend.

The forums can include anything you may wish to discuss, be it specifically related to your research, broader areas of skills and training, the job market – or anything else. Because this is an open network, users do not need to be members to read the forums, and the content of the network as a whole. As with any message board, please ensure your posts are respectful.

The success of Dandelion lies in your involvement. If you invite contacts, colleagues, friends at other institutions, the network will soon offer you a really useful tool. Use the Invite link. You might also want to distribute a poster via email, or put one in your department’s graduate centre.

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