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Conference - Inter National and Inter Disciplinary Aspects of Scholarly Editing

The Eighth Annual Conference of the European Society for Textual Scholarship will be held in association with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für germanistische Edition, Arbeitsgemeinschaft philosophischer Editionen and Fachgruppe Freie Forschungsinstitute der Gesellschaft für Musikforschung in Bern, Switzerland, from 15 - 18 February 2012.

The topic of the conference--InterNational and InterDisciplinary Aspects of Scholarly Editing--is based on the notion that international cooperation in scholarly editing often has to cope with the fact that the participants are affected by scholarly traditions, theoretical and practical issues that have been developed in the intellectual and institutional environment of their original countries. This may stimulate, but also complicate transnational and translingual communication. In addition, scholarly editing is increasingly influenced by other disciplines such as computing and natural sciences (e.g., for the analysis of writing procedures and material or of phenomena of textual genealogy). The result of this development is that the art of editing shows increasingly hybrid forms of methodology, the genesis of which is not always made explicit. The Bernese symposium wishes to give occasion to reflect on this point.

In the context of plurilingual Switzerland, which has always fostered a diversity in philological traditions, the iridescent state of national and international, disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in scholarly editing will be discussed. The participants are expressly invited to consider problems, methods, and issues that arise from one national or disciplinary field and are transferred or further developed in other circumstances and contexts. We welcome contributions on the theory, methodology, and history of scholarly editing, as well as significant case studies. The conference will contain plenary lectures, papers for panels and workshops, the conference languages being English, German, and French. Please send your abstract of one page to Prof. Dr. Michael Stolz, Institut für Germanistik, Länggass-Str. 49, CH-3000 Bern 9, Switzerland or, preferably, via e-mail-attachment to robert.schoeller[at]germ.unibe.ch.

The deadline for paper proposals 1 March 2011.

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